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How we get it done


Initial discovery

We spend time with your team to better understand your needs. Together, we create an execution plan, talk through any recordings pain points and develop a timeline.


Backend set-up

Our tech team sets up your customized backend portal which will be used to process client recordings. This area also provides analytics and is the main center of our quality control. 


Event start 

Depending on your needs, our team can go on-site to set up the recording infrastructure to capture sessions. We have audio and video experts who make sure things go smoothly. 


Recordings and QC

During the event, Breakout's off-site team will begin processing session recordings and QC'ing each one to ensure that everything was captured correctly. 



Hand your clients clipped and processed recording files as soon as their events end. Clients marvel at the speed in which you deliver their files. 

What we do


24-hour turnaround time

Tired of waiting weeks before getting your presentation files? No longer wait to access your content. Breakout has the ability to process thousands of recordings immediately after sessions end. We employ the best video/audio post-processing team in the business. 


Packaged delivery

We'll format files just the way you need them to be. Need individual talks files for 8000 speakers? Need separate sessions per day? No problem. We'll deliver your files the way that makes the most sense for your use case. 


Transcription and Closed Captioning 

Breakout quickly delivers closed captions and transcriptions with 99% accuracy. Audiences can keyword search directly in videos. Also improve accessibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. 


Offline recordings capture

Breakout can capture content with or without internet access at the venue. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a subpar internet connection. Our offline recordings tool is built to capture anything, anywhere. 



Broaden your global reach with Breakout's translation tool. We have that ability to translate videos to over +100 languages. Remove language barriers and get your content out there. 


Create your own content library 

Not sure what to do with all those presentations and sessions? Want to avoid the monotony of uploading select videos to a platform you can't truly control? Store all your videos on Breakout's fully customizable content library. 

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Process thousands of recordings in hours, not weeks

Meet the fastest recordings tool in the live-events industry

Team Breakout has developed the ultimate recordings tool suited for all kinds of events. Whether you need to process a dozen recordings or a few thousand, Breakout's powerful recordings infrastructure can get it done. 

Large Audience

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