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Upgrade your meeting to LaunchPad and make presentation problems history

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Content management that actually works

The LaunchPad system is the most advanced presentation management system on the market, featuring seamless Mac/Windows compatibility on a single laptop which eliminates the cost and complexity of setups that rely on separate laptops in each session room.

Fast, straightforward, efficient.
Happy presenters are our business

Better Equipment

LaunchPad uses the latest generation, high-end hardware to ensure content is played back smoothly. We’re constantly updating our fleet to keep up with the toughest, biggest files.

Up-to-date Software

We keep LaunchPad up to date with the latest Mac, Windows, and Open Source software. If your presenters can create it, LaunchPad can play it.

The Best Support

LaunchPad technicians are chosen by their IT backgrounds and ability to convey helpful knowledge without resorting to jargon.


All the support your speakers need

Presenters will be able to upload and or update their presentations via the online platform or at self-service kiosks in the on-site Speaker Ready Room before their scheduled presentation. The session room laptops maintain a constant sync with the Breakout cloud servers and presentation files are downloaded locally to each room laptop so sessions aren’t interrupted if there is an internet outage.

Monitor your entire meeting in one place

All sessions are monitored live from the speaker ready room. From there, our technicians have the ability to instantly intervene if a presenter runs into trouble. This eliminates the need for in-room AV technicians, freeing up more of your budget.

Large Audience

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