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Clipped presentation recordings. Same-day delivery.

Meet the fastest recordings tool in the industry

Packaged Delivery

Breakout recordings are presentation-level unless requested otherwise.  If there are 8,000 individual presentations, clients will receive 8,000 recording files, each named and neatly packaged into their corresponding sessions.

Cut your turnaround time

Thanks to Breakout's recording stack, we can process recordings shortly after sessions end. Use Breakout's off-site team (or yours) to precisely clip individual presentations during live sessions. Shorten your recordings deliverable time from weeks to days.

Effortlessly Capture Thousands of Recordings

Simply put, no other company can capture an unlimited number of concurrently sessions and process thousands of recordings as fast as Breakout can. We're built to scale and can service any size meeting.


Initial Discovery

We spend time with your team to better understand your needs and put together an execution plan.


Backend set-up

Team Breakout sets up your customized backend portal which will be used to process client recordings.


Event Start

Use Breakout's recording infrastructure to capture sessions and clip individual presentations.



Hand your clients clipped and processed recording files as soon as their events end. 

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